Why does Rocky Love 5th Avenue Candy Bars?


5th Avenue Candy Bars had a good reputation in my house growing up. My mother was a fan and they would occasionally show up as a treat if they were on sale post-Halloween. I do not remember seeing this commercial before today, but it looks like it was jumping on the 1950s’ revival bandwagon of the 1970s, and that is something I could really get behind.

So why does Rocky love his 5th Avenues?

Because it’s the bites that’s right….


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3 thoughts on “Why does Rocky Love 5th Avenue Candy Bars?

  1. Alphacentaurian says:

    Rocky may love 5th Avenue bars, but remember that Chopper loves pumpernickel, carrot sticks, crunchy fruits and nuts!

  2. Max Power says:

    Was this ad made by the same firm that used “My Boyfriend’s Back” to sell Chunky candy?

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