I Need This 1980’s Pac-Man Sun Catcher In My Window!

Image courtesy of the Vintage Toy Archive.

Image courtesy of the Vintage Toy Archive.

I really am fortunate enough to have a Wife that allows me to decorate our house in all manner of retro related items. The walls of our home are adorned with all sorts of movie theater memorabilia as well as various pieces of comic book artwork and arcade game flyers. Having said that…I think our windows need a little sprucing up and what better way to do so than by obtaining one of these 1980’s Pac-Man Sun Catchers?

They even provide a paint by numbers guide…though I bet that paint has dried up by now.
Pac Man - Sun Catcher B

A big thanks to the Vintage Toy Archive for that wonderful image you see up top!


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2 thoughts on “I Need This 1980’s Pac-Man Sun Catcher In My Window!

  1. I had one of those, I loved painting it. I used to get those make-it-yourself sun catchers a lot when I was a kid. The ones with the plastic beads that you then bake were the best, but also a royal pain. The paintable ones were usually lower quality in the end, but much easier to do.

    You can achieve the same thing now, without trying to find one of the old kits, and without worrying about dried up paint. Get yourself some gallery glass (that stuff that’s like thick paint or glue, but dries into a transparent plastic substance), and a pacman image to work from (the color guide for that one would work, if you can find a decent scan, or you can use coloring pages, or an old shirt, etc). Then get a cheapo picture frame large enough for the design you want, take out the glass and throw away the rest of the frame (this is actually the cheapest & easiest way to get a piece of glass to work with). Lay the glass over your image and paint the gallery glass on. when it’s dry you can peel it off & stick it on any window.
    That’s how I did this spiderman: http://allspark.net/cypherswipe/stained-spiderman.jpg

  2. The finished gallery glass things can be removed & reapplied, but you must do so when the window is warm. When the window is too cold, the gallery glass becomes hard and brittle, and stuck like superglue. Once it warms back up though, it’ll come off fine.
    Another precaution is that if you leave it on the window too long (we’re talking in the realm of one or more years, not days or weeks), it will be almost impossible to get off again, regardless of temperature (I had some that were up for a few years & it was a nightmare to get them off). Of course, you could always apply them to a piece of glass (like the picture frame one) or pexiglass and then put the whole assembly in the window.

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