Earl Norem’s ‘Dragonslayer’ Artwork For The Marvel Comics Adapation Was Awesome! (1983)

Dragonslayer - Earl Norem

We’ve mentioned our appreciation for Earl Norem’s artwork on the site once or twice before. I didn’t realize however I had seen his work long before the awesome He-Man illustrations he would provide for the official magazine until I came across his cover artwork for the Dragonslayer comic magazine adaptation by Marvel Comics.

A young Vic Sage happened to grab this very magazine the afternoon before he saw the film at his local Drive-In and I am happy to say that I am still just as captivated by Norem’s artwork depicting the peril of Princess Elspeth, the majesty of Vermithrax, and the mystery of Ulrich of Craggenmoor as when I first picked it up!

[Via] Paramount Movies


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One thought on “Earl Norem’s ‘Dragonslayer’ Artwork For The Marvel Comics Adapation Was Awesome! (1983)

  1. I had the digest version, it featured the middle panel of the magazine version. I never read it, but thumbed through it many times. At that age, it seemed daunting to read a 100 page book, even though it was a comic.

    Other than thumbing through the book, I haven’t seen the movie. Is it any good? I thought it looked cool, but it did not stay theaters for very long.

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