La Belle Super 8 Cartridge Portable Projector

La Belle Super 8 Cartridge Portable Projector

As you might imagine, having a co-host like the Projectionist on the Saturday Frights podcast means that I’ve learned a few things about movie projectors while we work on the show. While I had some great experiences relating my stories of working at the Razorback theater in my youth, they can’t hold a candle to all of the types of film projectors my esteemed co-host has had the pleasure of operating in his career. While recording the latest podcast I was able to share this video of the La Belle Super 8 Cartridge Portable Projector I had found. My co-host was pretty interested in the device and even he hadn’t had the fortune of running across it before. As a bonus, the video shows off a bit of the Star Wars 16 minute film cartridge!

Now this video was uploaded by Databits back in 2012 as he was putting it up for sale on ebay. I haven’t really found any other information about it other than some general information sites explaining there is really only a reel of short film in those cartridges, no gears or anything so I suppose you plugged the cartridge in the machine and it must be on an edited loop or something…like the Fisher Price Movie Viewer Theater cartridges.

Image courtesy of Retro Thing.

Image courtesy of Retro Thing.

La Belle Super 8 Cartridge Portable Projector

By the way, hop on over to Retro Thing to see how an old Fisher Price Theater was modded to use Super8man’s personal Super 8 film collection.

I love my collection of Blu-Ray and DVDs, I am so grateful to be able to have criterion collections on an easy to view device…but I agree with the Projectionist that there is nothing better than the sound of real film running through a projector.


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  1. I totally agree, my friends. Thanks to that video I found another interesting projector unit that I’ll post later next week. :)

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