Retro Records: 1960’s “Goofy Grape Sings With The Whole Funny Face Gang”

Goofy Grape Sings
Welcome back to another installment of Retro Records and this week we offer for your listening pleasure “Goofy Grape Sings With The Whole Funny Face Gang”!

Now just in case you don’t know the awesomeness that was Goofy Grape and the rest of delicious tasting Funny Face drink characters from Pillsbury, check out this vintage TV commercial.

[Via] TV Toy Memories

Thankfully the Pillsbury company realized how politically incorrect some of the flavors were by the time they released this record featuring the Funny Face Gang.

[Via] Robert Martens


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7 thoughts on “Retro Records: 1960’s “Goofy Grape Sings With The Whole Funny Face Gang”

  1. Another part of my personal history shows up. No not the record, I had a Funny Face Goofy Grape mug that I’m dying to replace at some point. Haven’t seen one at a flea market in ages, but I know they show up on eBay every now and then

  2. @RetroArt, I believe you are quite correct!

    @Charles Raymond It does the heart good to see the Funny Face gang still getting work after all of these years. :)

  3. mwentworth says:

    Thanks Vic! I love Funny Face stuff; I have sold off a lot of my collection, but still have a Choo-Choo Cherry mug, a Goofy Grape pillow and a congealed packet of the mix. Yes, the originals were quite racist by current standards. Goofy Grape in the b/w commercial sounds a bit like Paul Winchell and I want to say I hear Paul Frees on the record, but not so much on Goofy Grape as some of the others.

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