Limited Edition “Necron 99/Peace” Resin Sculpture From Ralph Bakshi’s Wizards!

PeaceNecron 99 - Ralph Bakshi
“He is called Necron 99. He is one of Blackwolf’s assassins. He travels the land destroying the believers of Magic.”

That is what the narrator (Susan Tyrrel) from Ralph Bakshi’s animated epic 1977 futuristic fantasy film Wizards tells us about the deadly Necron 99, who later thanks to Avatar the Great becomes known as Peace. He is a striking visual character and one that stuck with me when I watched the film at the 62 Drive-In as a kid, causing me to draw him over and over in my school notebooks through the years.

It was announced a few days ago that Bakshi Productions was releasing 15 limited edition 9″ tall sculptures of Peace/Necron 99 on ebay with a price tag of $375. As of my writing of this post there are three left to buy.

PeaceNecron 99 B - Ralph Bakshi

The good news is there will be smaller version made available later on, though those will be mass produced and not of the higher quality that you see from the ebay images above. Though it’s sadly out of my price range I can’t deny that it is truly a work of art!

[Via] Tobey Starburst


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7 thoughts on “Limited Edition “Necron 99/Peace” Resin Sculpture From Ralph Bakshi’s Wizards!

  1. peet says:

    wondering how to find out the legitimacy of this piece… The description says “Bakshi Productions” but there is nothing else about it, or that company, on the web.

    $400 is a lot to pay for something like this to find out it’s not what it says it is…


  2. Well, the ebay page is supposedly the official Bakshi ‘seller’ but to be honest I’m judging that by all of the animation cells and such that have been sold and the 64 pages of buyer feedback. You totally have a point though, I did find this from Ralph Bakshi’s official Facebook page for what it is worth.

    Plus they are throwing out feelers for additional sculptures like “They’ve Killed Fritz!” and “Elinore”! :)

  3. Beth, I appreciate the update, and please tell your Son how awesome we think his sculpture truly is. I know that Bakshi’s own Son commented that they will be doing mass produced versions. Do you know by chance if Justin is going to be handling any of the sculpting of additional characters?

  4. Beth Barnes says:

    Thank You for your appreciation. :-)
    I’m not in a position to comment on the project so I’m having Justin get in touch with you directly.

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