Dungeons and Dragons Night? Time to buy some C&C Cola


As a DM, you are not only responsible for entertaining and wrangling your players, but also for refreshments. At my house, this mean going to the Acme and buying at least a 2 liter of cola and a bag of pretzels. Since funds were often tight, I went with the white label Econo Buy pretzels and for drinks I went with the surprisingly tasty, C&C Cola. I could often get a six-pack for under a dollar, which meant that with the pretzels, I could feed 3 players and a DM for just under 2 bucks.

How did C&C Cola keep prices so low? Well just watch this commercial that explains their supply system and find out.


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2 thoughts on “Dungeons and Dragons Night? Time to buy some C&C Cola

  1. C&C Cola, the poor man’s choice!
    I agree with you that, even though it was a cheap alternative to the big brands, it was still a great soda.
    Now, please help me, didn’t C&C make other flavors?
    We use to get one of those flimsy, cardboard shallow boxes that the sodas were packed and stacked in and then my sister & I would custom, 24 can mix of a variety of flavors like grape, orange, cream, root beer, lemon/lime.
    The struggle for us two kids was to walk this flimsy, cardboard tray full of soda cans over to our mother’s shopping cart without the tray buckling or twisting and the cans tumbling down to the store’s floor.
    We got lucky…sometimes :)

    My sister & I looked forward to visiting relatives in the NYC area because, other than the obvious reasons, but also to have White Rock brand sodas.
    To this day I hold up White Rock Creme Soda as the ABSOLUTE best there ever was.

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