Watch Bill Mumy, Miguel Ferrer, And The Jenerators Perform ‘In The Greenhouse’!

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Since the Retroist uploaded the Robocop Podcast today it seemed the perfect time to share this video I stumbled upon for The Jenerators, the rock-blues band that Bill Mumy and Miguel Ferrer (who played Bob Morton in the original Robocop) co-founded that I mention on the podcast.

[Via] Susanne S

The song ‘In The Greenhouse’ was co-written by Bill Mumy, Robert Haimer, and Dewey Bunnell. This was captured on Susanne’s camera phone on March 6, 2010 at Rusty’s Surf Ranch on the Santa Monica Pier. To learn more about the talented Bill Mumy and his many awesome endeavors including his music, comic book work, and even the Real Good Radio Hour just follow the link provided!


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2 thoughts on “Watch Bill Mumy, Miguel Ferrer, And The Jenerators Perform ‘In The Greenhouse’!

  1. Bill Mumy and Miguel Ferrer were also members of a band called Seduction of the Innocent, along with fellow comic book creators Max Allan Collins and Steve Leialoha. For a while they performed regularly at San Diego Comic-Con (I saw them there once), and they released an album of comic book-themed songs in the early 90s. (Weird Al played accordion on one track!) Coincidentally, the Seduction of the Innocent song “True Detective” has been in my head all week, since I started watching the True Detective HBO series…

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