1987 Entertainment Tonight Behind The Scenes On Robocop!

Robocop - Behind the Scenes
When the original Robocop came out I was taken by surprise, I literally didn’t know anything about the film until the weekend it was released and my Father and I caught it at our local Drive-In. Which is an odd thing as back in my youth I was a voracious viewer of Entertainment Tonight, I wouldn’t ever miss an episode if I could help it. So something school related must have come up, that is the only explanation I have on how I had never seen this behind the scenes video from back in 1987.

[Via] William Forsche


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One thought on “1987 Entertainment Tonight Behind The Scenes On Robocop!

  1. TheSixMillionDollarJedi says:

    I was the same way. I had seen commercials on TV for it and didn’t think much of it. I ended up being dragged to see it in theaters and now it’s a top 10 science fiction film for me.

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