Saturn, A Different Kind of Car Company


When Saturn started making cars in the 1990s, they were kind of a big deal in my neighborhood, mostly because the guy next door bought one the year they came out. He would wash that thing every weekend in front of his house and show it off like it was a high-end sports car. If you asked stopped to look at it or asked a question, he could recite the sales brochure by rote. Oddly enough, a few years later, when he needed to get a new car post-accident, he did not return to the Saturn dealership.

Even though he did not continue his romance with this “different kind of car company”, I got to admit, I was enamored and I did visit a few Saturn dealerships before they went out of business. I never owned one though, so I was not too sad when they ceased production in 2009. Still the memory of that sparkling green well-washed Saturn has stuck with me ever since.


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4 thoughts on “Saturn, A Different Kind of Car Company

  1. vinvectrex says:

    My roommate had one in the mid 90s that he bought just after graduating college. It wasn’t too fancy, but held up very well and lasted him a lot of years. I always felt that their first generation models were the best, and subsequent ones didn’t live up to their full potential.

  2. A girl I was friends with in high school had a Saturn, and so did her dad. I remember seeing a Scott Thompson interview on Conan where he talks about owning a Saturn and them having fresh baked cookies for when you brought your car in and stuff like that. All true– and her dad would always get invited to these Saturn picnics!

  3. I owned a 1992 Saturn SL2 for 18 years and loved that car. Too bad they went out of business (I blame GM). I’d be owning a Saturn right now if they were still in business.

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