Golden Girls Action Figures?


Unfortunately, this was not a toy line based on Blanche, Dorothy, and Sophia, but a She-Ra esque series from Galoob released in 1984, a good year before The Golden Girls debuted on NBC. The Dragon Queen does remind me of Blanche, though.

Brian Boone

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4 thoughts on “Golden Girls Action Figures?

  1. Um…. Ok…. What’s up with this timing?
    Less than a week ago I watched an episode of great space coaster on youtube, the episode had the commercials intact, and one was for these dolls. I had never seen (or at least, never took enough notice to remember) these dolls back in the day, nor heard of them since. I took notice of them in the commercial because of the fact that their skimpy outfits were so out of place for toys in the time period of the commercial, and because of the fact that I had never heard of them before, and now, out of the blue, someone writes an article about them here on retroist. O_O

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