Sears Catalog Video Game Advertisements. Winter of 1983

Hi kids. Your old pal ISeeRobots again. As I mentioned last time I was around these parts I work at a place that has access to some old Sears catalogs. Yes, I know I’m lucky. You don’t have to tell me twice! Anyway, I grabbed one of the cooler looking ones and scanned in the video game pages for your retro viewing pleasure.

These come from the Winter 1983 edition. Not the Wish Book mind you I think that someone took off with them long ago but there is still some gold to be mined from the catalogs that we do have.. Anyway have a good one and enjoy the trip back in time!




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One thought on “Sears Catalog Video Game Advertisements. Winter of 1983

  1. So many interesting things in these ads. The vaporware “Tunnels & Trolls”, “Smurf Action”? (recognize the game, but it isn’t called that), and the New! E.T…

    Just awesome. Thanks for the scan.

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