Retroist Podcast – Episode 155 – The X-Files

On this week’s show we talk about the iconic, sci-fi, horror TV show, The X-Files. I start off by talking about what sort of a UFO nut I was as a kid and how I really just want to believe. Then I talk about the people in front of and behind the camera, the music, plot, the movies and much much more. I am joined again by Vic Sage who does another great “Why Should I know this Person”. This week, Vic tells you why you should know the very talented, Rob Bowman. metagirl returns to the show with the Retroist Top 5 episodes of The X-Files.

Music on the show was provided by Peachy (the Flukeman of Wales), if you have musical needs, why not contact Peachy at And “like” him on his Facebook Page.

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2 thoughts on “Retroist Podcast – Episode 155 – The X-Files

  1. Great episode. The X-Files is one of my all-time favorite shows. I’ve recently started re-watching from the beginning. I too also say Mitch Pileggi’s name out loud when I see it in the credits. I feel less weird about it now.

  2. Atari Adventure Square says:

    I am so glad this podcast is out there, spreading the word about this epic TV series.

    Was made aware of this show while scrolling through a sci-fi magazine in a comic shop. Found a glowing review of the first episodes of season one and its reinvention of the Night Stalker ethos.
    I was hooked before the second paragraph and sought out this X-Files in my local TV Guide.
    Found it, appropriately at midnight on Fridays, and thus began a longtime journey with these new friends scouring old themes of mystery and magic with their Ying/Yang ways.
    Grew up with arcane and esoteric books strewn about the house, so this show was a bit like finding myself, a bit like spotting a UFO in the TV land cosmos.

    My first ep was the lycanthrope one from season one (1×19 Shapes)
    Caught the rest of that initial season in reruns and followed it thereon.

    Thanks again for this podcast.
    Finding a fellow x-phile still is a treat!
    Makes me shine a flashlight back on my collection of tapes, to relive those adventures once again.

    eh…maybe Netflix has better viewing quality for these, nowadays.

    The Stream is out there.

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