Sears Catalog Video Game Advertisements

I work in a place that has access to some old Sears catalogs. So when I had a few minutes to spare the other day I took one of them, the Winter 1983 edition and scanned in the pages advertising the video game releases of that year.

I’m going to send more of them in over the next few days but here are a couple to wet your whistle. One is for the Odyssey 2 and the other is for the Atari 5200. Both are great fun to look at. I hope that you have as much fun looking at them as I did.




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6 thoughts on “Sears Catalog Video Game Advertisements

  1. Dudley88 says:

    You were much better off spending the extra 60 bucks on the Atari 5200. My friends had one, and I thought it was pretty cool at the time.
    As for the Odyssey 2, the ’70s Pong-type games were more fun than that piece of junk.

  2. Atari Adventure Square says:

    Love these ads!
    More please!

    Quite fun to note the discrepancies in the Odyssey’s ‘retro’ output compared to the bafflingly-impressive ‘futuristic’ Intellivision graphics on the accompanying page.

    Also impressive is how the Odyssey is actually using poor mock-up drawings of its games, while the Mattel screens might as well be taken from actual gameplay for their accuracy.

    Yeah, the Atari 5200 wins out the year with its popular arcade titles for home gaming.
    But the Intellivision pushed the envelope with originality and strong design for its blocky goodness.

    Still, I wish I coulda had all of these gaming havens in my home.
    The Odyssey 2 was not too shabby with its integration of board games and video computing.
    Well, I never played these, but they kept my mind wondering about the future of games.

  3. vinvectrex says:

    The year this catalog came out, I’ll bet I spent more than a dozen hours staring at this page, hoping for a 5200. Nice to see it again (although I’ll probably stop staring at it after only 90 minutes or so.)

  4. Doctor X says:

    ddsw is correct: The games in the blue column on the left side of the top page are Intellivision games. If they printed those on the same page with the Atari 5200 and there was no corresponding Intellivision display on the opposite page, then they screwed up. Also, they mistakenly captioned Microsurgeon as “MicroSurgery”.

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