Fisher Price Toys in 1964

Fisher Price - Our Work is Childs Play!

As a parent of two young children, I’ve had to view a lot of preschool toys in catalogs and shops and in too many cases the purchased product hasn’t lived up to my expectations.

I’d wager that wasn’t true of parents in 1964 when purchasing toys from this leaflet! I’d take any of the items below over their modern counterpart bought for my children in the last 3 years! I wonder how many parents still write to Fisher Price to complement them on their sturdy construction?

Fisher Price Toys

My favourite has to be the Huffy Puffy Train, with the Chatter Telephone a close second.

Thankfully, these toys aren’t lost forever – Pixar’s Toy Story films keep the memory of some of them alive to this day.

And of course, Youtube has plenty of video’s to remind you, such as this one:

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One thought on “Fisher Price Toys in 1964

  1. The Chatter Phone, as featured in Toy Story 3. I liked that they gave the voice that emanates from the handset a creepy, ominous quality. That’s always the type of voice I’d sometime expect to hear coming from it suddenly! On a side note, my phone rang while typing this message and there was no one on the other end. True story.

    Chatter, was that you?

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