You are NINJA! When you use Authentic Tempered Steel Ninja Swords

My circle of friends went through a very distinct and dangerous Ninja phase when we were young and I have a stash of Ninja themed magazines to prove it. All of my friends wanted to be ninja, yet not one of them enrolled in a martial arts class to help qualify for that ambition. Instead they saved their money and ordered incredibly dangerous weaponry from places like The Collector’s Armory.

With all this swords being swung and throwing stars being, well… thrown, I sometimes do not understand how I can still be alive.



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One thought on “You are NINJA! When you use Authentic Tempered Steel Ninja Swords

  1. My friend and I were the same way. We made our own weapons for the most part. We would get our hands on the real stuff from time to time like a Sai or throwing stars, even a set of wooden nunchucks. Eventually I did learn martial arts and got my very own AUTHENTIC ninja sword, which had no place in said martial art =)

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