Like a MegaForce


There has never been a super hero like Ace Hunter!

I had the pleasure of re-watching an amazing movie from my youth recently – MegaForce, starring Barry Bostwick.

I use the work ‘amazing’ with a touch of sarcasm as this 1982 action film, with hindsight, isn’t the best of its kind. My 8-year-old self loved it though, and I think the 35-year-old me still does.

The film trailer above is actually much worse than the movie, failing to spark any enthusiasm for the source material. Perhaps that is why the film bombed when it hit the cinemas.

Despite what you might think of the acting, special effects or story, MegaForce does have one brilliant feature – the theme tune by a group called 707 is classic 80’s soft rock which gets you singing “like a Mega Force” at every chorus.

I’m sure my younger self would have loved a MegaForce Membership Kit too with an official MegaForce patch!

megaforce membership kit

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Child of the 80's. Born, raised and living in the Cheshire countryside, England.Lover of fan art, especially if it is based on my childhood heroes from Masters of the Universe, Thundercats, Transformers and TMNT. Penchant for almost anything retro, especially movies, games and art.

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6 thoughts on “Like a MegaForce

  1. Back in the day my Uncle edited a movie trade magazine (that is still around actually) and he would get all sorts of movie promo items. About a year prior to the movie coming out he gifted me a MegaForce hat with that official crest on it wore it EVERYWHERE…movie was awful though, and once I watched it I retired the hat.

    Great name for a movie, great patch, “Deeds not Words” is a nice motto to be sure. And the late Persis Khambatta with hair! But yeah, it’s not a good movie. I mean they reused the flying motorcycles from Galactica 1980!

  2. Lance says:

    I remember snagging up loads of the hot wheels cars from this. The 6 wheel command vehicle and both versions of the dune buggy (mega force tan and the much cooler all black stealth version) from a toy store when visiting my grandparents way back then. A few years later the cassette of the soundtrack would show up sprinkled in the boxes of discount cassettes/LPs we would get at Target. That was one benefit of working in the camera department, first dibs on the “cut outs” music :)

    Hot wheels has been reusing the molds fairly recently.

  3. William – I think I’d still be wearing that hat now!! Though I’d prefer to be sporting the Ace Hunter haircut :)

    Lance – I think that a MegaForce Hot Wheels post might be in my future :)

    Daniel – thanks for the info about the Ace Frehley track, I hadn’t come across it before but I can’t help feel that it suffers without that MegaForce chorus line. Having a play of the 2600 game is on my to-do list too!

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