1977 TV Commercial For The Slime Monster Game!

Image courtesy of BoardGameGeek.

Image courtesy of BoardGameGeek.

In my younger days I was fortunate enough to own the Slime Monster Game by Mattel, though I know there is no way my Grandparents thought this was a good idea because I can remember some grumbling from my Grandmother as she worked feverishly to clean a place where I let the wonderful goop known as Slime dry out. For more about Mattel’s Slime make sure to check out the article The Doc wrote a few years back.

Check out this vintage 1977 TV commercial for the game and stay for other vintage ads including one for the Ground Pati Restaurant!

[Via] Genius 7277

A big thanks to BoardGameGeek for the image of the Slime Monster you see up top.


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10 thoughts on “1977 TV Commercial For The Slime Monster Game!

  1. Dudley88 says:

    I remember having Slime–the regular and the Slime with worms. But I don’t remember the Slime Monster Game.
    Thanks for posting–the other commercials were cool, too. I love watching ads from the ’70s–brings back memories of my (mostly) fun childhood.

  2. Ark says:

    This was a neat find for me today because this dates “Slime” games/toys several years earlier than I thought they had first appeared. I had always thought that the Mad Scientist toys and Ghost Busters canned slime were the first, probably because they were the first slime toys I’d ever seen (vividly remember the first time I saw Ghost Busters slime at Kay Bee). Thanks as always Vic.

  3. No idea, Patrick. But that food sure looked delicious!

    Glad you enjoyed it Dudley88, I don’t actually recall the Slime with Worms…time to hit the interwebs. :)

    Anytime, Ark!

  4. @Patrick Pat’i was the Old English spelling of Patty which the restaurant used in honor of their first victi…err I mean customer Patty O’ Chezberg who totally was not a sacrifice made to the Druid god Sal’dbarios in return for a new fryolator…

  5. @Patrick The gossamer veil that separates our world from the sinister dimension Aul’yecaaneat’shrmp shall be torn asunder and once again the elder gods will stride upon our Earth. Oh, and there will be two dollar sangria on Tuesdays between 4 and 6.

  6. plcary says:

    Vic, my cousin had this game and we loved playing with it. I can’t tell you how many green plastic cans of Slime I bought in the late 70s. My mom kept throwing it away but i would just buy more

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