Little Shop of Horrors Animated

Little Shop, The Animated Series from 1991

If you were to ask me what my all time favourite film musical is, I’d probably tell you Little Shop of Horrors. I remember seeing the Rick Moranis film when I was 10 and it had a profound effect on me. Back then I think the only other musicals I’d been exposed to were Grease and a plethora of Disney films – Little Shop was something very different, and I loved it.

I still listen to the soundtrack from time to time, and recently, whilst listening to the Broadway production, I stumbled upon an interesting fact – an animated series was produced called Little Shop!

As you can see from the intro, the core characters all seem to be in place, including both Audrey’s (the plant and the love interest) and Seymour. Further reading on the short-lived 13 episode series highlights how poor the show was but it is still an interesting curio for those familiar with previous incarnations.

I think I’ll stick with the 1986 film, for scenes like this one…

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3 thoughts on “Little Shop of Horrors Animated

  1. Oh wow! I had no idea this existed… and I definitely wasn’t expecting such a hip-hop intro, but I guess that was the style in 1991! Would have been awesome if Rick was involved with this (huge Moranis fan here!)

  2. I remember trying to wrap my head around the musical choices for the animated series when it first debuted…I guess I was expecting something more movie oriented, a doo-wop style.

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