Do you remember the McDonald’s Pizza?

When I heard about McPizza in the 1990s, I became obsessed with trying to find one. I called every McDonald’s that I could find in the phone book and not one of them was carrying the pizza. I am not sure how far I would have gone to try the McPizza or why I was so obsessed with trying it (I generally dislike most pizza chain pizzas). It was probably my general obsession with “questing” for stuff coupled with a commercial campaign that nagged me on to find this impossible dish.

Did anyone experience this brief bit of culinary history? What did you think?


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6 thoughts on “Do you remember the McDonald’s Pizza?

  1. I wish I didn’t remember McDonald’s pizza. It was a step below school cafeteria pizza. Feeling queasy just thinking about it.

  2. In 1986 or ’87, McDonald’s test marketed a pizza in my area that was very different–not in a good or exciting way–from the one pictured. My recollection was that t he crust was a lot like the lower half of one of their hamburger buns, but it was slathered with what tasted to me like thick Campbell’s tomato soup, and the cheese was cut into strips, laid across the top in a cross hatch. It was white, but it wasn’t quite mozzarella. There were no other toppings, or at least, my parents didn’t order me any. At 6 or 7 years old I found it disappointing. It didn’t last long.

  3. Dudley88 says:

    I absolutely do not remember McPizza. I guess I wasn’t in any of the locations where they were testing it at the time. So, although I can’t go by my own experience, I will trust your judgment, Tintod.

  4. I’m with Tintod. It’s pretty gross. We used to get one every Sunday after church and take it to an invalid woman who loved them. Taste is in the mouth of the beholder, I guess.

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