Billy Squier and the Mtv Chorus sing “Christmas is the Time to say I Love You” in 1981


I cannot remember which of my sisters was the Billy Squier fan, but one of them must have been, because I know the words to this song and I was not a Billy Squier fan. I imagine that whenever this video was on and my sisters turned up the volume, I rolled my eyes, grabbed whatever toy I was playing with in the living room and moved into the kitchen.

Looking at this video now, I love the low-budget jubilation of the Mtv chorus and how non-serious Squier is about the performance. My favorite part of watching Mtv back in the 1980s was when it looked unpolished, as if we were getting a glimpse into a party that we were not allowed to attend and saw people as they really were.


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2 thoughts on “Billy Squier and the Mtv Chorus sing “Christmas is the Time to say I Love You” in 1981

  1. GuitarAnthony says:

    MTV at a more innocent time before they got to big for their britches and sadly brought us the hell that is reality (haw haw haw) tv.

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