The G.I. Joe Commando Attack Game (1985)

Image courtesy of John Kenneth Muir's Reflections on Film and Television Blog.

Image courtesy of John Kenneth Muir’s Reflections on Film and Television Blog.

Now to be honest I was more into the Transformers than I was G.I. Joe in my youth but I certainly spent many hours laying in the living room floor using the Styrofoam packaging from Televisions and VCR’s as forts for the epic battlefields between G.I. Joe and the terrorist organization we knew as COBRA.

On Christmas morning back in 1985 I received the awesome…and official…G.I. Joe Commando Attack Board Game. One of my favorite things about the toys were the artwork used on the blister cards, which is exactly the art that were used for your playing pieces in this game.

Image courtesy of BoardGameGeek

Image courtesy of BoardGameGeek

Image courtesy of BoardGameGeek

Image courtesy of BoardGameGeek

Now I have not had the pleasure of seeing this TV commercial for the board game before until MY SATURDAY M0RNINGS was kind enough to upload it…I might have had an issue with Flint being captured by Zartan back in the day though.

Now the box cover that you see up top that was provided by the Reflections on Film and TV Blog shows that with the game you also got an iron on patch featuring Flint of the G.I. Joes. Flint to this day is STILL my favorite Joe character so as you can imagine it wasn’t very long before I had talked my Grandmother into sewing that patch on my favorite T-Shirt. Now while that shirt has been gone for many, many years I made sure to save that patch and it’s safely stored along with my G.I. Joe File Cards.

A big thanks to BoardGameGeek for the images of the playing pieces!


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2 thoughts on “The G.I. Joe Commando Attack Game (1985)

  1. Nice one Vic. I don’t have the game anymore but I do have all the cardboard character pieces. some are on a spare fridge in the basement and some on the wall in my workshop.

  2. This is one of those rare games that my Grandmother for some reason threw away…I think I might have a Xamot cardboard piece somewhere. I love your idea as using them for fridge art and wall art. :)

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