Monster GoBots


I had a small collection of Transformer toys and an even smaller collection of GoBots. All my friends liked Transformers, so I focused my energies on those. I did though get pulled into the GoBot universe when I saw this commercial for the “Monster GoBots”. After all, how could I resist GoBots so scary that they even scare themselves?

I picked up Vamp and Pincher and showed them off to my friends, but they could not be swayed to appreciate the GoBots in the slightest. So these evil little robots stayed in my room along with my half-dozen GoBots. They did not get played with often, but they had a place of honor just above my desk, where I could grab them when I needed a quick play fix. Whenever I played with them, I looked a lot like the kid pictured above.


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2 thoughts on “Monster GoBots

  1. I had as many gobots as transformers. They were better quality than the TF minicars, and nicely priced, I didn’t have much preference between gobots and transformers (except for the ungodly “super” gobots).
    I never had the green guy, but I did have scorp and pincher (I think I still have pincher).

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