Atari VCS Christmas Selection for 1980

I pulled this from one of my unused catalogs that I picked up in the 1990s. The ones I would use back when these systems and the catalogs were new usually got destroyed as I used them for research and as a checklist for items I wanted and needed. Each item I wanted I would circle with red or blue pen and then when I got the game, accessory or toy I would cross it out with a fat black marker.

Everything on this page would have double and triple circled.



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7 thoughts on “Atari VCS Christmas Selection for 1980

  1. TV not included… Shame. I imagine that had I saved my old catalogs, they too would have been marked up, pages folded over, book marks everywhere…

    How cool is this: this console gave you TWO controllers and TWO paddles AND a game cartridge! Today, it’s ONE controller, no accessories unless you get the Xbox One, but you do pay for that accessory.

  2. Probably because a chess engine is far more complex than a “shoot, drop down a line, scroll the other way, shoot some more” engine. Remember, prices don’t reflect how fun the game is to play, they reflect how much technology went into making the game.

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