The Post Alpha Bits Cereal Combination Lock Mystery


I just solved a childhood mystery today. I was looking at old cereal commercials when I stumbled upon this gem from the 1970s for Post Alpha Bits Cereal. It is a cut little commercial, but the really great part is the details on the giveaway for a toy combination lock that you put together yourself. Growing up in my home, we had nearly a dozen of these in my family’s “junk drawer” and I was always curious where they came from (and what the combinations were). Thanks to the magic of the internet, the mystery has been solved.

The next mystery is how much Post Alpha Bits Cereal was being consumed in my house when this premium was being offered? Did we eat anything but cereal for those months or did we have some coupons?


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3 thoughts on “The Post Alpha Bits Cereal Combination Lock Mystery

  1. plcary says:

    I ate a lot of Alpha Bits as a kid. I liked them but they also seemed to offer some pretty cool prizes. One of my favorites was a referee whistle that also had numbered dials to keep track of the score of a game.

  2. I fell into the trap of eating Alpha-Bits all the time because of their sweet, sweet prizes. I’m tempted to check out if they still offer great promos, but I really don’t need to be eating dozens of boxes of cereal…

  3. Dudley88 says:

    I had a combination lock from an Alpha Bits box. It was in the ’70s, but it had to be later in the decade than this ad. You had to arrange the letters on the lock to spell the word “cool.”

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