In 1984 K Power Knew About Hackers And Riptide!

K Power - Riptide
This is one of the many ‘treasures’ I found while cleaning out the back room a couple of months back, a 1984 issue of K Power with the main story being Thom Bray and the Roboz from the Riptide TV series. As you can see from the cover provided above it also discussed the Movie Maker software…that was awesome on the Commodore 64…as well as reviews for games like Beach-Head and Pogo Joe.

While the Scholastic Inc. magazine advertised itself as being the magazine for the computer generation it sadly only had a run of eight issues before being merged with Family Computing where it ran from 1985 to 1987.


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4 thoughts on “In 1984 K Power Knew About Hackers And Riptide!

  1. TheSixMillionDollarJedi says:

    Man Riptide was a great show. It blended geeky computer stuff with some great action.

  2. Atari Adventure Square says:

    Whenever I heard Riptide in the past, I always imagined it was simply another mustachoed cop show, with hairy open shirt crime solving and comic relief sidekicks galore (no, no…I thought it was a Magnum *ripoff*…I know my Sellecks).

    Looking it up now, that seemed the case. But this cover picture would’ve turned the tide (ahem) on that simplified idea

    I gotta do a list of cool 80s things I need to discover (again).
    If only…
    Thank you Internet!

  3. The truth is back in the day I actually made an interactive fiction game on the Commodore 64 based on Riptide…I was a lonely child.

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