Do You Remember The Battle Of Galactica At Universal Studios?

Images courtesy of By Your Command.Net

Images courtesy of By Your Command.Net

I can recall seeing an ad for the California Universal Studios ‘The Battle of Galactica Live’ one Sunday morning in our local newspaper in my youth. I had spent the night at my Grandparents house and being a big fan of the Battlestar Galactica TV series I was incredibly excited about the possibility of being part of the action involving Colonial Marines and the awesome Cylon warriors…someday…if we ever got a chance to go to California. That is when while we were eating breakfast that my Grandfather happened to mention they had already been on the tour. My jabbering about the TV series and the advertisement ceased as I stared slack-jawed with grape nuts dropping out of my open mouth. My Grandparents and my cousins had apparently already gone the Summer before, it turned out that I had been invited on the trip but my Father didn’t want me to go.

The Battle of Galactica B - By Your Command.Net

Sadly I never was able to be part of that action but thanks to By Your Command.Net we not only have an ad for the tour but video as well!


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3 thoughts on “Do You Remember The Battle Of Galactica At Universal Studios?

  1. Hey, what happened to Imperious Leader’s signature hair-do in the ride? It’s like the wig fell off before the tram arrived and they just said “F it, no one will notice.” But I noticed Universal Studios…it may have taken 30+ years, but I noticed…

  2. Colonial Warriors :) Colonial Marines are in Aliens.

    I got to go on this as a kid and vaguely remember it. I have photos someplace of the vehicle parked outside. At that time they also had an A-Team live stunt show!

  3. @Dex Doh! You are correct, my friend…though I was sure there were Marines in Battlestar Galactica as well. :)

    @Daniel XIII Hey, hey…the Imperious Leader had a haircut that day…didn’t turn out so great so he shaved it off. Don’t need to make the guy feel worse about it. ;)

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