Salvage 1

Before he was Matlock, and after he was Sheriff Taylor, he was…well, I don’t know who Andy Griffith was in this one. I just know he was in it and it was about a junkman trying to do an independent flight into space for the purpose of recovering salvage. That slight memory quickly led me to Salvage 1. I thought Salvage 1 was a movie, but Wikipedia said it was a TV show. It turns out we were both right. The pilot episode, called Salvage, was a TV movie, and it in turn lead to a short-lived weekly show. Again, I barely remember the movie and don’t remember the show at all. But I do remember the idea and have always wondered why more people don’t just turn their back on government programs and try to fly into space on their own.

2 thoughts on “Salvage 1

  1. Chris Ayers says:

    Doug, thank you so, so much for remembering this! It was one of my favorites, and I still hear its lilting theme song rattling through my head at times. The best episode was the one in which they tried to patch a hole in the ozone layer — really hard sci-fi for back then!

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