A Beautiful 1972 Yellow Kitchen

I grew up in an older home, but when my parents got married they updated most of the appliances. Those appliances would be the ones we used for my entire childhood. Most of my friend’s homes shared this trait and I always found it interesting to see the decisions a young couple made when moving into a home for the first time. More than a few of what I saw were kitchens like this 1970s yellow kitchen. And this wasn’t in the 1970s, this was well into the 1990s.

Nowadays I see a lot of stainless steel and I wonder in 20 years, when everyone is back on avocado green appliances, how weird they will think all this stuff was…


[via] Mod Dog


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2 thoughts on “A Beautiful 1972 Yellow Kitchen

  1. Atari Adventure Square says:

    Me and my family travelled a lot when I was a tyke, and we went to many friend’s homes and saw many-a-kitchens.

    Yellow was indeed bananariffically popular back then.
    In our apartment, we had a combination of pearl and teal (Teal still makes me wistful to this day) for the kitchen area.

    But those unicolor rooms of the 70s (living rooms came in brown and sometimes in wacky wallpaper patterns) were uniquely great.
    Could do without the shag carpets, though.
    Those got dirtied up within a few days after you grew them (doesn’t take much sunlight).

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