Remember the Star Trek Shuttlecraft Galileo Ornament from Hallmark?


It is time to trim the tree at the Nimoy household and Leonard is on the prowl for an ornament that will take his holiday decor to warp factor 9. So of course he heads to his local hallmark store to get himself one of the very popular, Shuttlecraft Galileo Ornaments. Unlike Mr. Nimoy, I did not buy 5 of them, but I do own one of these beauties along with some other choice Trek ornaments. Sadly the electronic portions of them no longer work. So this holiday I am considering replacing them, since working ones are surprisingly affordable.

I guess they were not as “Limited Edition” as I had hoped.


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2 thoughts on “Remember the Star Trek Shuttlecraft Galileo Ornament from Hallmark?

  1. vinvectrex says:

    This was the first ornament I received in what has since become a yearly tradition. Sadly, not so many of the modern Star Trek or Star Wars ornaments feature both light and sound. Galileo is still my favorite. How can you beat Spock Prime?

  2. Shuttlecraft to Enterprise!
    Shuttlecraft to Enterprise!
    Spock here.
    Happy holidays.
    Live long, and prosper.

    It’s not Christmas until that ornament is hung, plugged in and the tinny sound of those words come from the tree.

    Mine still works, well, it did as of last year.
    We’ll see what happens this season…

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