Got the Blade Runner Blues


At the time of this writing I’ve been doing some chores around my house. Laundry, cleaning, organizing. I’ve had the Blade Runner soundtrack playing and this track is my favorite. It’s titled “Blade Runner Blues” by Vangelis. What a great piece of music. It’s perfect for the film.

It’s very noir but also sounds like it can be placed in 2019, the year the movie is set. After listening to it, I kind of want to head out to a cozy lounge and have a couple of cocktails.

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2 thoughts on “Got the Blade Runner Blues

  1. Atari Adventure Square says:

    Great soundtrack.
    I never tire of this bit of music. Don’t hear it often enough.

    Good choice of music, SMDJ.

  2. Robert says:

    If you like the Blade Runner soundtrack by “Vangelis,” you should also try the Blade Runner soundtrack by the “New American Orchestra.” The NAO version was released before Vangelis released an official version. The two albums have subtle differences but both versions are awesome. I do like NAO’s version of “Blade Runner Blues.”

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