This 1966 Batman Colorforms Set Looked Like Fun!

Image courtesy of Tracy's Toys blog.

Image courtesy of Tracy’s Toys blog.

In my youth I had a Batman Colorforms playset that was similar to the image you see above thanks to Tracy’s Toys. Even if they decided for some reason to manufacture the sets with a glaring error…go ahead and look at the picture, I’ll wait. Did you find it? Yes! They didn’t include the Riddler!

I’ve read that in 1976 the Batman playset was repackaged and reissued…but I remember the colorforms being preset to more action positions, you couldn’t adjust the arms and legs as you wished. I certainly know I never saw a TV commercial that made the Batman Colorforms set look like so much fun!

[Via] Colorforms 60th Anniversary


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13 thoughts on “This 1966 Batman Colorforms Set Looked Like Fun!

  1. Lance says:

    I had the Land of the Giants set and the Action Jackson set. I think it may still be lurking around the house as I saw the leaping tiger from AJ the other day when I was hunting something else,

  2. G.I. JOE ADVENTURE TEAM set! The best!
    Oh- and the CASTLE DRACULA over-sized set; that is awesome!

    I recently sold a copy of that very same BATMAN set…and now have “Seller’s Remorse”

  3. mwentworth says:

    I never got Colorforms as a kid, but spoiled my kids with them and they loved them, but mixed up all the parts (ahhhggg!!). I always loved the monochromatic look of the early ones like this Batman set. I think they lost a little something when they made them better, but they were all great.

  4. Atari Adventure Square says:

    Had lots of Colorforms, then.
    I *still* want Colorforms today.

    I’d put magnets (magnets!) under ’em and stick ’em on the fridge.
    Then add backgrounds.
    And never leave the kitchen.

  5. Wow. That Dracula set is INCREDIBLE!

    I had the Black Hole set that pulled out in three panels and had the separated body parts. I only liked the sets with the moveable limbs.

    Great post! Great memories! I’ll wallow in nostalgia and isolate myself from everyone for the rest of the day.

  6. The Dracula set was indeed awesome, my friends! I picked up mine at a garage sale in my youth and then years later turned around and sold it at my own sale. I know all too well of that “Seller’s Remorse”, RetroArt!

    I miss Colorforms. A lot. At least I still have my Marvel Super Hero and Dungeons and Dragons sets. :)

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