D.Q. Jet 1960s Signage

Growing up we would go for hot dogs about once a month and every other month, if I could convince my Mom, we would stop by Dairy Queen. It was a great old DQ that still had its old signage up for products from the past. I would get a cherry dipped cone and ask my Mom about the products since she had been coming to this particular DQ for years and she would explain each treat in great detail. One that I always loved the look of was the DQ Jet, which has this wonderful sign with a Spaceman action figure flying behind the Jet treat. I never thought I would see that sign again, but I was browsing Hake’s this morning when I stumbled across this gem and was brought right back to those Summer days sitting in the parking lot and dreaming of treats from the past.


[via] Hake’s


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One thought on “D.Q. Jet 1960s Signage

  1. Lance says:

    What a simple yet awesome sign design! I had no idea they ever used Major Matt Mason. It looks like he’s got his rocket pack on also juding by the blue belt around his waist. Awesome find and thanks so much for sharing it!

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