The Retroist

What if Atari had made Action Figures?

Chicago Toy Collector Dan made these magnificent creations as a gift to himself on his 33rd birthday. They may have started as a gift to himself, but they really are a gift to every kid who owned an Atari and dreamed about the possibility of their favorite games getting a toy line. Even as a child, I always thought it was a missed opportunity. Especially on the part of Activision who made some of my favorite games.

As you will see below Dan has taken pieces from GI-Joe figures and put together an Activision Action Force that, if available in stores, I would spend my hard-earned dollar on…easily. I would have to own them all so that I could send away for that Stampede Action Figure.

Any games you think he overlooked that should be a part of Phase 2 on his 34th birthday?

Frostbite Bailey from Frostbite

Roderick Hero from H.E.R.O

Pitfall Harry from Pitfall!

Officer Kelly from Keystone Kapers

Short Order Sam from Pressure Cooker