Watch the BBC Radiophonic Workshop put together the Doctor Who Theme


As a kid I probably jumped past episodes of Doctor Who dozens of times before I stopped and watched my first episode. What made me stop and check it out? It was actually very simple, one time I was flipping at the top of the hour, so instead of catching the show in midstream I was hit squarely in the face and more importantly in the ears, by the Doctor Who theme. I was hypnotized.

On this clip from a kid’s show, our host drops by the famous BBC Radiophonic Workshop to find out just how this great piece of music was put together.


Garry Vander Voort

Editor/Podcaster at Retroist
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One thought on “Watch the BBC Radiophonic Workshop put together the Doctor Who Theme

    Imagine being a kid watching TV late Saturday morning.
    It’s 11AM, at least a full hour past Sat AM Cartoon Prime Time, and you’re flipping through the few channels we had then desperately looking for something more to watch when BAM! you come across DOCTOR WHO on a local channel out of nowhere!
    The opening theme song and graphics INSTANTLY grab your attention and, BOOM, you’re into the show!
    The theme song ALWAYS got me jazzed for the show- it’s AWESOME!

    (BTW, first saw DR. WHO in it’s initial U.S. syndication on local NY channel WOR-TV, Channel 9: )

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