Spectar Arcade Flyer

Which Exidy Spectar Arcade Flyer is more Spectacular? (1980)

The other day I got a text from Shannon, the brother of Shea Mathis at the Arkadia Retrocade asking me if I could help identify an arcade game he was looking at. the only image he had though was a kind of beat up cabinet front with a metal control stick and one button, it did however have just enough of the Exidy game logo for me to start trying to figure out what it was. A quick search online and I found this Spectar Arcade Flyer. Amazing what technology can do. With just a couple of keystrokes I had found what I was looking for. Thanks to The Arcade Flyer Archive who posted this wonderful flyer.

For those not familiar with Spectar, it was a game released to the wilds of the arcade back in 1980. Sadly this is a game that I’ve never played before and I can’t seem to find any YouTube videos showing the gameplay but at the very least we have the flyers used to sell it.

Spectar 1 - Exidy - Arcade Flyer Archive
Spectar 2 - Exidy - Arcade Flyer Archive
Spectar 3 - Exidy - Arcade Flyer Archive
Spectar 4 - Exidy - Arcade Flyer Archive
Spectar 5 - Exidy - Arcade Flyer Archive
Spectar 6 - Exidy - Arcade Flyer Archive

Now the real question is if you were an arcade operator back in the day which of these two flyers would have successfully motivated you to purchase the machine? The one at the top of this post or the this one?


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3 thoughts on “Which Exidy Spectar Arcade Flyer is more Spectacular? (1980)

  1. Excellent find, Lance! I guess my mistake was using ‘Spectar arcade game’ on YouTube instead of game play. That is a neat looking MAME machine by the way. :)

  2. Yeah it’s basically Targ Deluxe. I played it at ACAM in New Hampshire before and it’s pretty decent. I usually enjoy those old maze games from the early 80’s. On the flyers I think you gotta go with the first one with the warp starfield effect, the Star Warsian title trailing into the distance and both versions of the game showing.

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