A Lucky Kid using “The Print Shop” in his School’s Apple Computer Lab in the 1980s

The Print Shop was desktop publishing software made by Brøderbund in the early 1980s. If you went to school during that period, you may have seen it used to make posters and more likely banners on the school’s dot matrix printer. I remember my teacher taking great pains to keep together a tattered old banner that had obviously been printed many years earlier. She hung that thing during every birthday party in her class and eventually it was more tape than paper.

Here you see a lucky student playing around with the Print Shop on a handsome looking Apple computer. Perhaps working on a “Happy Birthday” banner of his own?



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5 thoughts on “A Lucky Kid using “The Print Shop” in his School’s Apple Computer Lab in the 1980s

  1. My 5th grade teacher, Ms. Raskin, had an Apple IIc or IIe in the classroom and was always making signs & banners with it. Sometimes in color. I don’t remember her using Print Shop software, but she must have been. It wouldn’t be until I got an IBM PS/1 computer that I would get my hands on that software and go to town making letterheads for my father’s newsletters.

  2. Matth Jenks says:

    Oh that’s right. I forgot. Thanks! I was looking at the hair and poofy shouldered shirt, but missed the obvious giveaway – the computer!

  3. glonch says:

    Ok, I have to chime in… I loved Print Shop – it was so awesome. What a great program. I had a //c with a 8mhz ZipChip – there was no ‘Thinking’ when printing a banner… just “Printing” ;-)

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