Retroist Snorks Podcast

Retroist Snorks Podcast

Welcome to the Retroist Snorks Podcast. On today’s show we talk all about the 80s cartoon, The Snorks. Despite what people might say, this is not JUST a pale imitation of The Smurfs. During the show I talk about the creators, the talented people who gave voice to the Snorks, merchandise, home video and much more. Vic Sage is back with a new Why Should I know this Person. This week Vic takes on the criminally overlooked (by me) Clive Revill.

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5 thoughts on “Retroist Snorks Podcast

  1. Harvey Wallbanger says:

    Haven’t listened to this episode yet, but just wanted to let you know that whenever an episode of your podcast appears in iTunes I get a warm, comforting feeling. Thank you.

  2. zelig says:

    Some Snork memories…

    I wasn’t a regular watcher of the show, but I really wanted to like it. There was something about the blue color palette and the underwater theme that fascinated me (similar to the way the underwater levels of the first Super Mario Bros. game captivated me). Unfortunately, where I lived, I believe the show aired Sunday mornings, which meant church would have prevented me from catching it on a regular basis.

    Golfland in San Jose, California has miniature golf, an arcade and a pool with three water slides. The entrance to the water slide area included a sign with an oversize drawing of a Snork. The sign either had a “you must be this tall to enter” message with the Snork available to measure yourself against or Snork was listing the pool safety rules. Maybe both?

    Either way, there was never an occasion for me to go on the slides, but I definitely remember staring at big Snork drawing longingly, wanting to get to go on the slides. I don’t know if the Snork is still there. If it is, I wonder what kids these days make of it.

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