Let Late 1970s Taco Bell put a Smile on your Face


The highlight of this commercial? The delicious looking enchiritos in their aluminum trays just waiting to be eaten. I have heard tell of this Taco Bell enchirito, but I have yet to have one. Did you know the enchirito was created as part of a contest held by Taco Bell and that the 16-year-old kid who invented it received a whopping 25 dollars? So when next you dig into one of these (if they bring them back or you are bold enough to order them off menu), you can thank Robert McCrea for his magnificent creation.


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6 thoughts on “Let Late 1970s Taco Bell put a Smile on your Face

  1. They just don’t make groovy throwback jingles like this anymore – with the whole Tin Pan Alley sound. It was such a popular music choice back then, especially at amusement parks. Then it was phased out. I miss it.

    Also, I wish Taco Bell had never changed that logo or those uniforms. Why move into the modern age? The food is the same. (I suppose some kid who loves Taco Bell now will lament when they get rid of all their Mountain Dew style logos, huh?)

    Lastly, that kid who won $25 for creating the enchirito better save it. Gasoline rationing was imminent!

  2. When I was watching this commercial, I could hear the Bell around the corner call my name.

    I wonder if the kid who created it, who is now a middle-aged adult brags on it or takes people to Taco Bell just for that purpose. I know I would.

  3. Oh God, gasoline rationing is imminent! Martha, get the shotgun!

    It was good just to see Mort Crim. Fond memories of seeing his face on the news broadcasts from Detroit over the border here in Toronto.

  4. mwentworth says:

    The Bell still does serve Enchiritos, but not at every outlet. Beyond that, some of them don’t even have it on the menu, but will make it if you ask.

    $25? Heck, I would be happy just to have them make my idea. Another on-again, off-again menu item is the Chili Cheese Burrito, or Chilito. I was thinking that, since they already have a relationship with Frito-Lay for the Doritos Tacos, they should put Fritos in the Chili Cheese Burrito and make a, wait for it…………………..Frito Chilito!!!!

    That idea is free, Mr Chihuahua! Yo Quiro, Frito Chilito??

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