Ladies and Gentlemen of 1967..the Light Pen


I remember seeing the light pen being used in the 1980s and my mind was thoroughly blown. I can only imagine what people of the 1960s thought of this incredible device.

Did anyone else think that light pens would one day be standard issue on all computers? I think I might have even done a book report about light pens when I was in school I was and still am absolutely enamored of them.

Maybe I appreciate the past so much because I am so horrible at predicting the future?


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3 thoughts on “Ladies and Gentlemen of 1967..the Light Pen

  1. I remember being fascinated by light-pens in the 80’s but I never saw anything like this. The software understanding how to turn a 2D image in 3D and manipulating it like this, in the late 60’s to boot!

  2. GammaDev says:

    Well in a way they are standard on most “computers” today. The light pen was the precursor to the touch screen and was the easiest solution to the problem of figuring out where someone was physically touching a display. Early touch screens needed a stylus, and some people still prefer to use a stylus, but the majority of computing devices have touchscreens (phones, tablets, new laptops, etc.).

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