Behold the Mighty Thor on his Pink Scooter!

When I think of the Mighty Thor, I either picture him thundering into battle on a mighty chariot pulled by two equally mighty goats while his even mightier hammer being held aloft by his powerful arms calls down the thunder on his enemies. OR I picture scooting to the farmers’ market on his pink scooter. It’s really a toss-up that depends on my mood.

I suppose if you made a toy for kids you might go with the first option, but if you did, you wouldn’t sell a single one.

Thor has errands to run and doesn’t have cash to blow on gas.


[via] Hake’s


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5 thoughts on “Behold the Mighty Thor on his Pink Scooter!

  1. I imagine it went down like this…

    Mr. Marx: “I got 5,000 of these pink scooters already molded and taking up warehouse space in China. I need to unload them fast!”

    Underling 1: “We can slip a few bucks to that comic book company and put one of their characters on it.”

    Mr. Marx: “Great idea!”

    I’ll admit, I had the Spidey on an orange motorcycle set as a kid and loved playing with him.

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