November was “Newvember” on ABC in 1981

When ads like this showed up in magazines like TV guide, I would grab my pen and sit down and circle all of the shows that I wanted to watch and would pay special attention to upcoming movies. Pre-cable TV and VCR that was a big deal. In this Newvember I would have watched all 4 of the ABC Sunday Night Movies, although I probably would have gotten bored with, “The Goodbye Girl” when I was a kid.

Fun little trivia — Notice that “It’s a Living” is going by its alternative names of “Making a Living” in this ad.

Do you see movies and shows that would have been “must see” for you back in 1981?


[via] Tim Cameresi


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10 thoughts on “November was “Newvember” on ABC in 1981

  1. This is great!
    Loved print promos in TV GUIDE as a kid- especially the caricature ones that look like they’ve been purloined from the pages of MAD.
    This particular promo page is just as great as those two-page, full-color Saturday Morning Previews found in comic books.

  2. Also- the Pop Culture Archaeologist in me wants to start an expedition to dig up episodes of DARKROOM, STRIKE FORCE and OPEN ALL NIGHT which I don’t recall having ever seen.
    This page is like a dusty, tattered-edged map of forgotten TV treasure!

  3. The Cosmic Joker says:

    I am glad I was too young to remember much of 1981. If I were an adult back then, my life would have been entirely consumed by ABC television.

  4. Atari Adventure Square says:

    I count 11 Must-See shows.
    12 if you count the ABC Sunday Movie.

    TV Guide ads like these make sunshine happen in my happy place.
    In my old retro heart, that is.

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