Enjoy this Drug PSA from Married with Children’s Bud & Kelly Bundy


In this message from your local Fox affiliate in 1992, David Faustino and Christina Applegate stay in character as they explain how dumb doing drugs are. How dumb are they? They are so dumb that even Applegate’s character Kelly thinks they are dumb.

She might be dumb, but she ain’t no dope.


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3 thoughts on “Enjoy this Drug PSA from Married with Children’s Bud & Kelly Bundy

  1. Thanks so much, Mr. Retroist, for plucking a vintage VHS product from my channel, GrowinupinSinCity81. I know, a mouthful, right?
    Most of the fare is local ( ’80s and ’90s newscasts and Las Vegas footage.) But, I did upload a nifty Behind the Scenes piece on the Wonder Years from the early ’90s, as well as some ABC Teen stars taking their skills to the snow-capped mountains of Mammoth. Love the work you do, and how it includes all things retro, from Black & White to 3-D!

  2. I have you bookmarked now Frank and plan on exploring all of your offerings (sometimes the local stuff is the best, even if you are not from that area).

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