Halloween Headbanger’s Ball (1989)


As a headbanger growing up in Oklahoma, “Headbanger’s Ball” was one of my primary sources of heavy metal news and music videos. Each year the show would do a Halloween episode with a guest host and lots of interviews. Although I did not upload this clip to Youtube, I do have this very show recorded on VHS and remember watching it that weekend. In the late 80s, you couldn’t have picked a better host for your Halloween show than Alice Cooper. This clip contains Alice’s introduction followed by two not-so-Halloween themed videos by Black Sabbath and Queensryche. Trick or treat!

Rob O'Hara

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2 thoughts on “Halloween Headbanger’s Ball (1989)

  1. I always watched headbanger’s ball & even still have a bunch of episodes I recorded on vhs. However, I always wished ricky yack-man would just stfu and play the videos instead of rambling on at the mouth all the time.

    On a related note, I have a commercial VHS of an alice cooper concert, “the nightmare returns” from 1986.

  2. Phillip says:

    HI, you guys have a list of your headbangers ball shows?
    I have a lot of headbangers ball and other stuff.
    maybe we can trade? let me know

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