In 1975 UK Children Learned About Road Safety From…Darth Vader?

David Prowse - Green Cross Code Man
Well they didn’t exactly learn about Road Safety from Darth Vader…but they did learn about it from actor David Prowse who was the man in the Darth Vader costume! So take a moment and enjoy these fantastic safety videos and learn the lesson that Green Cross Code Man imparts to these children.

This third one is my absolute favorite just because of the droid…I want one of those to follow me around in real life.

[Videos Via] IArcade


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One thought on “In 1975 UK Children Learned About Road Safety From…Darth Vader?

  1. Ark says:

    Cool, now we finally have a sensible explaination of why Anikin built C3PO in the first… no. No, wait… that still doesn’t quite add up. Hm.


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