This 1970s ‘Space Dust’ Candy Commercial Is Pretty Awesome!

Image courtesy of the Mister Toast Blog.

Image courtesy of the Mister Toast Blog.

This TV commercial for Space Dust candy is pretty awesome…and actually a little frightening in a trippy 70s way. I mean these kids are just walking through the field when what looks like a horrible storm appears in the sky and down comes some flying and sentient talking fruit. I would probably have to roll for a sanity check after that encounter.

[Via] Captain Bijou

Space Dust was actually the leftover of Pop Rocks, that was why it was a powder candy where Pop Rocks was in crystal form. Space Dust eventually became Cosmic Candy due to the scare around Angel Dust.

A big thanks to the Mister Toast Blog for the package images you see up top.


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6 thoughts on “This 1970s ‘Space Dust’ Candy Commercial Is Pretty Awesome!

  1. plcary says:

    Ahh Space Dust, I remember you well. We had a great little corner market that had a huge selection of candy. And a dollar really would buy a lot of treats back then.

  2. Atari Adventure Square says:

    I’d always go for cherry, whatever the candy was.

    In this case, I’d call Project Blue Book.

  3. Wow. One of my Kindertrauma’s solved. I’ve always had this image in my head and could never work out what it was.

    I totally remember loving this stuff when I was 6 or so. Jeez. The floodgates of memory have opened.

  4. Cherry is certainly the way to go when choosing candy flavors…though Grape for me is a close second. I am glad I could help you out, Patrick! :)

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