Want to disappoint some kids this Halloween? Give them some Raisins

I LOVE raisins, but this is not the time of year to be trying to pass “nature’s candy” off as real candy. I remember when those tiny red boxes would make an appearance and my heart would sink a little. It sounds horrible now when I think about it, but the kid in me still knows it is wrong. I always have some raisins on hand for snacking in my home, but not one shall cross my threshold this Halloween season. Full size bars again this year!!!

This ad is great, but I ain’t buying what they are selling.

[via] Tams Junque Vintage Ads


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4 thoughts on “Want to disappoint some kids this Halloween? Give them some Raisins

  1. The Cosmic Joker says:

    If you look closely at the kids in this advertisement you will notice they have no whites to their eyes. They’re black all around and…wait a moment. That can mean only one thing…


    And on that note, I suppose that is the only way you could possibly be a kid and realize that the weird lady next door just threw a jumbo box of raisins into your bag.

  2. Zelig says:

    Handing out coupons? Hopefully not for canned peas.

    Erasers and pencils were also a big disappointement, even when they were fashionable novelty ones.

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