K-Mart is your Savings Place (with the Spinning Foil Background)


That shaver looks like it is the size of a portable radio. I remember finding one of these in some back drawer at my house as a kid. I had no idea how long it had been there, but I quickly plugged into the outlet. It must have been turned on when I plugged it in because it blew all the power in my house. After a slog to the basement to flip the circuit breakers, I showed it to my Mom, who got a good laugh out of the monstrosity before making me throw it in the trash. I probably should have held onto it as a prop to be used when I played with my Star Wars figures. It kind of looks like some sort of torture droid.

I wonder if my parents had bought this because they were seduced by the spinning foil background in this ad from K-Mart.


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3 thoughts on “K-Mart is your Savings Place (with the Spinning Foil Background)

  1. Atari Adventure Square says:

    With a salt shaker, you could also have a McCoy prop for some trekkie Halloween action.

    Also, I think every home should have a spinning foil where you put your latest doo-dad for shiny exposition.

    Maybe an old turntable on 16 rpm with a box of Reynold’s Wrap?

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