I Loved the Reggie Candy Bar


Baseball season is coming to close and whenever this time of year rolls around I can’t help but think of Mr. October himself, Reggie Jackson. While I respected Mr. Jackson’s baseball skills, what I really loved about him was the Reggie Candy Bar. Peanuts and Caramel dipped in chocolate…It was delightful. They stopped make the Reggie Bar many years ago, but you can still get this sweet treat under its new/old name, the Bun Candy Bar (before it was the Reggie it was the Wayne Bun). It is available online and wherever fine candy bars are sold. Just remember, when you eat one, you gotta think about Reggie.


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7 thoughts on “I Loved the Reggie Candy Bar

  1. Retro, you have done it again!
    Yes, this was a great candy bar which I thought I would never see again. I did not know of the “Bun Candy Bar” so now, I have something to search for – thank you!

  2. Chris Ayers says:

    You and me both, Patrick. I often think about the volume of these candy bars I consumed, versus my teenage acne. It was so worth the pimples!

  3. AlphaCentaurian says:

    Reggie had appeal. As a kid, I remember even up in Canuckland we loved him. He was one righteous cat.

    I even forgive him for trying to kill the Queen.

  4. The Pearson Candy Company here in Minnesota acquired the Bun line a while back, the production methods were pretty similar to Pearson’s Nut Goodie. I can never remember just how big the Pearson distibution area is, but I always take for granted there will be a Nut Goodie and Salted Nut Roll down at the corner store.

    One of only two candies that tempted me away from buying yet another pack of STAR WARS trading cards.

    Loved the REGGIE BAR- it was delicious and a great, sizable value for your hard-earned allowance (or was it paperroute money? THAT was hard-earned!).

    Never knew it was still alive and well under a new, assumed name of Bun Candy bar. I’ll have to scour the Vermont Country store catalog or visit the vintage candies websites to find this nutty, caramelly, chocolately treasure.

    (The other tempting candy? The MARATHON BAR! And don’t feed me no line about the Cadbury CURLY WURLY! It tastes different!)

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