This Superman 75th Anniversary Animated Short IS Indeed Super!

Image courtesy of DC Comics.

Image courtesy of DC Comics.

Hang onto your seats friends, because this animated short celebrating the 75th Anniversary of the Man of Steel will blow your socks off as it takes you on a two minute and fourteen second journey of Superman throughout the last 75 years of Superman!

[Via] DC Comics YouTube Page
This short came about from the teaming up of Bruce Timm (Batman: The Animated Series, Justice League) and Zack Snyder (300, Watchmen, Man of Steel) and Warner Bros. Animation. I loved how the animation style changed to match each era of the character, in particular the Fleischer cartoon style, as well as the nod to the Superfriends and Christopher Reeve.

Plus…Beppo the Super Monkey!


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5 thoughts on “This Superman 75th Anniversary Animated Short IS Indeed Super!

  1. DrNobody says:

    Great short, but still wish they would have referenced Lois & Clark… I know that the Death of Superman/Superman Animated Series represented the ’90s in there, but Lois & Clark was, I feel, still an important part of the Superman legacy… Even if some of the stories were a little cheesy…

  2. @DrNobody I noticed after multiple viewings they also leave out a Brandon Routh representation as Superman. Interesting. I wonder if it was an image rights type of deal?

  3. DrNobody says:

    @VicSage – I too noticed Routh missing, but it was pointed out in comments on other sites that it is technically a continuation of the Christopher Reeve series, and that may be why they didn’t include Routh… Which I kind of understand…. They also left out live-action Superboy, which I don’t see any one mentioning at all.. The one from the late ’80s that lasted 4 seasons…..

  4. Good eye, Dr. Nobody! I’ll admit I didn’t catch the omission of the live-action Superboy myself. I did forget to add that I also greatly enjoyed the Atari 2600 nod! :)

  5. DrNobody says:

    Thank you!! I think most people forget about that Superboy series, as Smallville has kind of overshadowed that series by far… I know I wasn’t aware of it until loooong after it was over… ;^) I also thought the transition to the Atari 2600 game was SUPER!! HAH!! Actually, did they do any nod to the Kirk Alyn Superman from the old serials?

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